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If you already own a cleaning business or franchise and still have the capacity to take on additional assignments with great profit margins, then you want to join our network of FIRST CLASS SERVICE PROVIDERS. PopUP CleanUP will get you ONE-OFF ON-DEMAND cleaning jobs in your service area to increase your bottomline. 




PopUP CleanUP makes it easy for your business to take on additional cleaning assignments! Each time there is a new cleaning assignment you get notified on your phone. We give you the details of the assignment along with how much the job pays. You can accept or reject the jobs as you see fit. Once a job is accepted you can assign it to any of your staff via our app. Each week we pay out the jobs your business completed for the week straight to your business bank account. 

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PopUP CleanUP strives not just to get you more work, but also to help you work smarter, not harder.​​​​​

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We attract quality business for you. Our banner will provide you with the name recognition and opportunities to get more clients.

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Each assignment pays generoursly. Plus, we handle the overhead, logistics, customer service so you can focus on providing amazing service.

Does your team strive to provide first-class service?

 We want to hear from you!

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