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Earn Dedicated Clients by Keeping Your Events Healthy & Safe

It's been a long decade this past year.

You're tired of being cooped up. 

You're itching to get back to work creating awesome events.

Your clients are thrilled to have a change from Peloton classes and Zoom conferences.

There's a part of all of us that's screaming, "Human contact!!!!"

Weddings, concerts, product launches, comedy shows, sporting events, parties...oh how you've missed them.

And thankfully, they're back.

Bridal aisle with floral bouquets and wooden chairs

Now picture this: you've got a big event coming up and you want to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

But there is still a risk of infection plus the threat of viral mutation which could prolong the pandemic.

You need a strategy in place to keep your clients, employees, attendees, and family members safe.  That way everyone can relax and have a good time.

The new memories to be made are worth the precaution you will need to put in place.

If you're worrying about...

  • ​...which products actually kill germs

  • ...what PPE is needed

  • ...proper protocols

  • ...event geometry

  • ...and other best practices for running safe events...


We specialize in pre-, live-, and post-event cleaning and we've put together YOUR ULTIMATE LIVE EVENT GAME PLAN, a comprehensive guide to producing streamlined, safe events with current safety protocols and actionable information.

ALO YOGA EVENT with partygoers mingling under sun umbrellas around a pool with a giant white alo yoga sign in the background

From how to prevent a super spreader event, to what to keep in mind in terms of looking at how your venue is designed to the supplies you need to stock up on beforehand, YOUR LIVE EVENT GAME PLAN will help you navigate the new normal as we emerge from Covid and beyond.

You want your customers to be happy and safe.

You want to keep producing events.

You want the pandemic to end.

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A man cleaning a giant OSCAR statue
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