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CASE STUDY: $18 Million Bel Air Listing

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Sold! This $18 million staged 10,000 square foot property boasted a recreation room, a basement theater, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an office, two side-by-side stairwells, a bar, a gym, a pool, a cabana, and a four car garage—not to mention two formal dining rooms and an expansive kitchen decked out with luxury appliances. Just a helipad and a casino away from being featured in the next Bond.

We sent three of our most fastidious cleaners to cover the full day of work required to make this property shine.

Above and beyond light dusting, we vacuumed the velvet walls of the theatre and felt surface of the pool table so that all of the fabric lines ran in the same direction. We found a way to reach into a weirdly designed pocket between the two stairwells to clear out cobwebs and dust that had accumulated on the side of the staircase.

The lightly tarnished bronze sink in the bar? No problem. We polished those back into a nice patina. In addition, we wiped down all of the patio furniture around the pool, scrubbed the outdoor countertops, and helped spotlight the pool house with our craftsmanship as well.

Do you need five-star service for your five-star listing? PopUP CleanUP adheres to all current safety measures without exception. We bring our A-game to your A-listing to help your property sell!

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