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CASE STUDY: Pacific Palisades Estate

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

April 2018

We've heard of the cabinet of curiosities, but what we encountered at this 6,160 square foot property belonging to a television personality was more like a hidden compartment with secret panels than any treasures from Hollywood or the natural world.

On the market for $9.25 million, we were enlisted to remove all the ash from the chimneys in addition to our basic package of vacuuming, mopping, wiping counters, and polishing fixtures and appliances. Three crew members and two days later, the house was finally prepped it to be shown.

However, sometimes you miss something. For us, it was a series of cabinets underneath the kitchen island (which was much better real estate than Gilligan's). No one, not even the house manager, knew they existed because the front panels had no handles but rather functioned with a press in and pop out mechanism. You know you've entered new territory when the cabinets you're cleaning have better mechanics than your car.

True to our satisfaction guarantee, when the cabinets were discovered, we came back to finish the job properly. For all of your real estate cleaning needs, PopUP CleanUP aims to provide first class service to showcase your property to sell.

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