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CASE STUDY: Vintage Bel Air

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

November 2020


No water? No electricity? No problem! Well, maybe not entirely—after all, water and electricity are critical to delivering first-rate service on any cleaning assignment. You can’t squeegee or vacuum. Nor can you defy the laws of physics and descend twenty stairs into a pitch-dark basement to see what you are doing. However, this $7.2 million dollar, 4715 square-foot, 5-bedroom, 6-bath listing had neither, and we were tasked with our very first "Trash Out".

With gorgeous views, a kidney pool, and an enormous amount of land, this Bellagio Road three-story house was the epitome of “old school,” but unless a buyer walked in with an electric passion to rehab old tile bathrooms outfitted with built-in vanities and built-in bars where you enter by raising the plank, most likely this property will be sent to the graveyard of architecture past.

We sent one person to sweep, mop, wipe off all the counters and window sills and throw out any trash. A ripped open screen had allowed orange and brown leaves to blow and scatter into the house. We swept and swept and swept some more. Then we floppy dry mopped, wet the mop with sanitizing spray, and mopped some more.

If you have a home or listing that needs to look its best for prospective buyers, PopUP CleanUP can lightly dust, deep clean, and now trash out your for sale premises. Reach out to us for a real estate cleaning needs today!


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