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Good Will Funding

PopUP CleanUP is thrilled to have been chosen in the recent cohort of Plug-In South LA's accelerator program that seeks to create opportunities for African American and Latinx Entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their concept or enterprise. Plug-In LA prepares companies for venture capital investment, supports product development and creates support structures to help launch companies into the marketplace. They also help founders connect to and network with the right people.

This twelve week program, which involves guest speakers, business development and workshops on topics ranging from What's Your Vision? to customer acquisition to funding, pitching, and understanding the marketplace, matches cohorts with mentors after rounds of interviews that feel like the Shark Tank version of speed dating.

Our cohort founders come from a wide range of disciplines—BingeWave, Black and Sexy, Salubata, Oat Butter Brand, and Pointed Spaces—all fledgling companies trying to change the dynamic for underrepresented groups in the entrepreneurial ring.

We are incredibly indebted to our mentors, Eric Jaffe of Chow Now and Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus who have opened our minds to avenues we didn't know we could pursue and dollar amounts we didn't know we could ask for!

If you have an idea and a dream, learn more about Plug-In LA's organization here.

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