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Events are a unique animal and finding the right Customer Resource Management (CRM) software has been the migraine headache of our growing pains as a company. We started out cobbling together three software programs that weren't intended for what we were using them for, that didn't have automatic computational capabilities, and that sometimes found a way to send automated emails as if the program had a mind of its own.

Enter Goodshuffle. Goodshuffle has some drawbacks (all computer programs do), but Goodshuffle was made exclusively as event software, and as far as we were concerned at that point, was our knight in shining motherboard. Goodshuffle has two main categories: products and services. Products might be rentals, decor, florals, supplies like toilet paper or paper cups or balloons. Services can be DJ hours, cleaning, porters, chefs, busters, and servers—Goodshuffle has a myriad of categories all catering to the event world.

Goodshuffle provides onboarding support and teaches you in 30 minute increments how to setup your software so that your categories are established and your prices input. What's great is that unlike any other software we've found is that you can multiply the number of cleaners by the number of hours by the price. Most software (aside from an Excel spreadsheet, but that's another rabbit hole if you don't set up your formulas correctly), will only allow you to multiply two things and then add. Goodshuffle's functionality is more sophisticated and takes into account amount, price, and hours.

Goodshuffle also provides the ability to add administrative fees as a percentage of the services. It also provides a separate logistics/delivery section which adds on a pre-determined fee plus mileage if you are delivering equipment or supplies far from your immediate area.

Drawbacks include the fact that their software works with Squarespace and Wordpress but not Wix. We tried to migrate to Squarespace but found that it was too difficult to recreate our web design in the Squarespace framework. It somehow turned our clean and floral aesthetic into bubblegum. So in order to have the integration which allows for some autofill automation, we had to have two websites. Also, because event cleaning is really a beast of its own, with so many moving parts, we really require a more extensive survey before we can fill out an estimate, and the Goodshuffle integration is more like a shopping cart with an idea of what the client would like as opposed to a definitive list and accounting of what they need.

Regardless, if you are in the event industry, give Goodshuffle a whirl. For PopUP CleanUP, it helps us manage our estimates, invoices, and client management rather well.

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