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PopUp CleanUP Aims to Help Other Cleaning Companies During COVID-19

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Businesses all over L.A. are facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but cleaning companies have a unique opportunity to make an impactful difference.

Our goal at PopUp CleanUP has always been to provide a high level of attention to detail for the health and safety of the guests we serve, and we’re taking that responsibility as seriously as ever. That’s why we’re connecting with other local cleaning companies so that we can help each other during this unusual time.

Here’s how we can help: Fostering a Community for Collaboration

Knowledge is power, and we want to create a community among our fellow cleaning businesses and services so that each of us can thrive during times of uncertainty.

Through collaborative communication, we can share ideas of how to add to and expand cleaning services that can provide a safer, healthier experience for clients. We can discuss the products we’re using to disinfect and sanitize, as well as apps that can help streamline daily operations and track our new initiatives. We can also explore new training tips and techniques to ensure each team member is providing high value to the client.

For us, we focus primarily on events of all styles and sizes, but we also know the cleaning industry is much bigger than we are. Let’s use this time productively to help one another improve our business so we can continue to deliver the best cleaning services in the city — because everyone who has ever benefited from the work of a professional cleaning company is counting on it.

Let’s Connect!

If you’re the owner or employee of a cleaning company in the greater Los Angeles area, we’d love to connect with you and see how we might help each other.

Reach out to me directly at — together, we can provide high-rate cleaning services to our clients and push our industry forward and upward

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