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One of the biggest pain points in the cleaning industry (aside from the lower back) is the lack of good craftsmanship, with many customers complaining that they either had to micromanage workers or clean after them. No one wants to redo work you've paid someone else to do or monitor them while they're doing it. That's like having someone else eat your ice cream while you get stuck gaining weight from the calories.

The second biggest complaint is lack of communication and customer service. These frustrations are plastered all over Yelp and Google Review message boards with glowing reviews like:

  • "I would like to give them no Stars! We have had them cleaning our offices for years and it has just gotten worse and worse."

  • "If you call, they don't answer the phone."

  • "The Customer Service Representative was not a knowledgeable source of information."

  • "Horrible attention to detail...we had to go back over and clean again ourselves."

And so on. You get the point.

At PopUP CleanUP, our goal is to eliminate these pain points, which is partly why we've partnered with Swept, an app-based technology that ensures you get the cleaning you asked for and need.

Swept allows us to create checklists with detailed instructions and upload photos to create a measurable standard, track the time cleaners spend at your workspace, and even has a problem reporting feature where we can tackle on-site issues proactively in real time.

Swept even has internal text messaging and message boards where managers, cleaners, and clients can communicate with each other—even if everyone has a different native tongue. Swept can auto-translate over 100 languages. The only thing it doesn't do is the actual cleaning. We still use people for that.

PopUP CleanUP strives to be the leader for all your commercial cleaning needs. Call us now for a complimentary consultation: (323) 538-0188.

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