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Three Gifts to Give Your Contractor

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Maybe your contractor has been in your home so long that he or shes become like Eldin on Murphy Brown and practically moved in. Or you’re so impressed with the remodel, you want to show some holiday appreciation to your painter or electrician.

If so, here are some perfect gifts for the fix-it whiz in your life:

Dickies is the go-to place for performance workwear. Hamilton Carhartt may have made flannel fashionable, but Dickies makes it functional.


Tactical, outdoor, construction—Maglite makes state-of-the-art flashlights for rugged souls who like to get down in the dark and play.


Helps screw things on tight. Except your head. You're going to need for that.


Or, you can also set them up with gift cards from PopUP CleanUP for a final detailed clean or disinfection for their construction site. Because what could be better than having someone else do the dirty work for you? Email us at info@popupcleanup or call (323) 538-0188 today.

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