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Three Gifts to Give to Your Realtor

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Real Estate is stressful. In addition prepping the house to show which now involves virtual tours and lots of photos coupled with making sure that people are not just prequalified but preapproved before running all over town to show the house with all the Covid restrictions in place, there's all the research and paperwork and social media upkeep and making phone calls. Not to mention trying to procure listings when everyone is socially distanced and hiding inside their homes. Here are some ideas to add some R&R to their holiday season.

Cooking? Are you kidding? One of the first things busy people sacrifice is preparing balanced and healthy meals. Simple Feast will take care of that.

Simple Feast

$98 for 3 dinners

Or check out a list of other meal prep options here.

Spa treatments are the "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity" listings of gifts promoting relaxation and down-regulation. Maybe they can't take advantage now, but when the pandemic is over (which, fingers-crossed, looks like may be soon) we're all going to need a little of that.



Insanely great. Decadence in a box.

John Kelly Signature Chocolate Box


Or, you can also set them up with gift cards from PopUP CleanUP. We offer deep cleaning, light dusting or trash outs for staged and empty for sale and for rent properties. Because what could be better than having someone else do the dirty work for you? Email us at info@popupcleanup or call us at (323) 538-0188 today.

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